Our Story

Red Hills Custom Cabinets is a custom cabinet manufacturer located in Portland, OR, solely owned by Alex and Tanya Krasnogorov and licensed to do work in Oregon and Washington states.  The name of the business comes from Alex's family name, Kransogorov which translates to mean “red hills.”  He began years ago in the family run building contracting business, building custom spec homes and performing custom remodels.  After several successful years of building and remodeling Alex realized his passions lie in the areas of cabinet and architectural woodworking design and manufacturing - so he narrowed his focus and started a cabinet company under the name Red Hills Custom Cabinets.  He rapidly gained a reputation for producing very high-quality yet affordable custom cabinets, and this reputation lead to many repeat clients and referrals.  Red Hills Custom Cabinets has prospered by providing its clients with excellent cabinet and architectural woodworking designs, expert craftsmanship and unparalleled customer service, and all at reasonable rates.

Today, Red Hills Custom Cabinets has grown to become a team of highly skilled craftsmen and support staff – all dedicated to the same high level of customer service.  Treating each customer with kindness, care and attention and each project as if it is our own, we cultivate personal relationships with our customers.  Our mantra is to make our acquaintences our clients, make our clients our friends and exceed their expectations at every opportunity.

Mission Statement

Red Hills Custom Cabinets is a modern, vertically-integrated, full-service woodworking company located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest.  We provide our clients with the best value for tastefully designed furniture-grade cabinets and architectural millwork – all skillfully crafted, flawlessly finished and expertly installed by our team of craftsmen.

Core Values Statement

As employees of Red Hills Custom Cabinets we will:

  1. Always remember that family comes first, that it is through the success of our business that we support our families, and that it is through satisfied clients that our business is successful.
  2. Always conduct business with a cheerful demeanor, exuding confidence, espousing integrity and demonstrating compassion to both our clients and each other.
  3. Always treat our existing or prospective clients as if they are our good friends, their projects as if they are our own, and their property as if it is priceless.
  4. Always maintain company property and assets in the most professional manner.
  5. Always demand excellent performance from our suppliers, while treating them with dignity and respect.
  6. Always remember that meeting our financial obligations is our way of maintaining the bond of our word to our creditors.
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